If you own a business organization or you are a businessperson with an office, you definitely need the best rated office chair. In that case, there is no other chair that will suit your office needs better than Hag Capisco Office Chairs.

What are some if the benefits that come with using Hag Capisco office chairs?

Since its innovations, there has been many benefits associated with the chair. Here are some of them:

High quality Design

Also known as “the Saddle chair,” it assumes a special design and model of a horse’s riders seating position. Because of this, you can use the chair with any office table height. This enhances efficiency, as you do not have to worry about the size of your office table while looking for an office chair.

It is environmental friendly

This one feature makes it rank high above all the other types of office chairs. In its making, innovators use waste household products such as plastic packaging. In addition to that, they can also choose to use recycled car bumpers to achieve the same great results. By recycling plastic bags, less waste is disposed to the environment. The seat thereby promotes activities that favor environmental prosperity such as recycling.


Hag Capisco chair is comfortable to sit on as it naturally follows you to every seating position that you assume. This type of chairs are referred to as ergonomic chairs. They have the ability to “sense” the slightest body movements. This enhances your comfortability enabling you to have a better working day experience.

The Hag Capisco Office chair have won numerous awards since they came into the market. Because of their amazing features, it is difficult to claim that they did not deserve every single one of those awards.


If you are looking for an office chair, choosing Hag Capisco office chair is a wise decision. The seat is not only comfortable to seat on but it is also environmentally friendly with high quality designs. None ranks better.

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What Is In Windshield Wiper Fluid?

Known as windshield wiper fluid, washer fluid, or simply known as “screen wash” in the United Kingdom, this commonly used fluid is sold in many forms. It is usually a vivid color, like bright blue or hot pink, and is made of methanol {also known as methyl alcohol or wood alcohol}, a poisonous alcohol if ingested. “Sometimes small amounts of other toxic alcohols such as [ethanol or] ethylene glycol are added to the mixture”, in order to dilute the methanol. If ingested, it may be deadly as the main ingredient is extremely poisonous. Blindness is most common and can be permanent, as well as experiencing seizures, difficulty breathing, vomiting, or slipping into a coma. Read wiperadvisor: Best Windshield Wipers Reviews 2017. As the main ingredient is so dangerous to both health and the environment, many consumer advocacy groups propose alternative methanol-free windshield washing recipes. They are often easy to make using ingredients that are normally lying around at home and save some green. (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Windshield_washer_fluid)

Windshield WiperMany mix distilled water, glass cleaner so as not to create mineral deposit build ups and streaks on the windshield. Others mix distilled water with a tablespoon of regular dish soap and a little non-sudsing ammonia. If its dead of winter and one lives in an area that drops below freezing temperatures, many will mix rubbing alcohol or high proof vodka to the solutions. The more one uses, the lower the freezing point. Another positive to making one’s own washing fluid mixture at home, is that the alcohols present in commercial washing fluids can corrode a car’s paint, rubber, car wax, and plastic. (http://www.wikihow.com/Make-Windshield-Washer-Fluid)

No matter which you decide to use, having fluid in the reservoir is very important as it ensures a proper degree of safety with a clean windshield and also acts as a lubricant for the internal rubber washer fluid pumps. “When there is no fluid in the tank, [this] causes extra stress on the pump and will wear it out extremely quickly.” “If there is no washer fluid…parts of the pump can corrode…and degrade…and dry and crack from the inside…[and may] stop working completely.” (https://www.yourmechanic.com/article/is-it-important-to-keep-liquid-in-the-windshield-washer-reservoir)

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How To Use a Blackhead Extractor

Blackheads are an unsightly appearance on the skin, but they are not dangerous or hazardous to one’s health. A blackhead is simply a pore that has become clogged with dirt and skin cells. The matter oxidizes, giving it the yellow, green or black color that people see when they look in the mirror. Some people spend hours in the mirror, squeezing with their fingers and nails to get the pesky blackheads out. But there is an easier, faster and less damaging way to get them. A blackhead extractor tool is a double-sided looped tool that can be purchased at any drug store or makeup retailer. Using a blackhead extractor safely and effectively cleans the skin when used properly. There are a few steps to follow to clear up blackheads:

1. Prepare the Area

blackhead-extractorGently washing the face with warm water will remove excess dirt and open the pores so the blackheads will come out a lot easier. Also, make sure the tool is clean. Removing blackheads will do no good if dirt is shoved right back into the open pore.

2. Use The Tool

Place the loop of the extractor around the blackhead, then press gently down on one side. There should be a small sensation of pressure but nothing serious. Gently ease up and scrape along the surface of the skin, effectively removing the plug of dirt and getting it away from the pore. Do not place the loop directly over the top of the blackhead, because it will not come out of the pore. Do not apply too much pressure, because it can be damaging to the skin and also painful.

3. Use Cold Water

Cleaning the area with cold water after extracting blackheads will close the pores, so blackheads will have a harder time re-forming. Also, there will more than likely be residue on the face after extraction, so it should be cleaned off.

4. Area Aftercare

Once the area is clean, apply some moisturizer to re-hydrate the skin. It has been stressed a bit during the extraction process and will bounce back faster if moisturized. Toner can also be applied before moisturizer to help even out the skin tone and prevent future blackheads.

5. Clean the Tool

Cleaning the tool is important to do after extraction, so the dirt and skin cells do not grow bacteria on the loops and hurt the skin. It can be easily washed in hot water with soap, boiled and sterilized with a weak flame. Any of these methods will work and it will be worth the effort.

Extracting blackheads this way is much cheaper and quicker than activated charcoal or messy masks. It is also easy to just head down to the local drug store and get an extractor tool, that can be used again and again after sterilization. So get some clean and radiant skin today!

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